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Who was the First Indian Man to Climb Mount Everest

Thinking about why someone would want to climb the toughest, adventurous and deadly climbing to Mount Everest. Millions of things fascinate and amaze the climbers and mountaineers worldwide and make them more curious to climb Mount Everest Summit.

As a climber to Mount Everest, you need to keep in mind many things as this is the tallest and complicated peak in the world. Thrill-seekers usually love to challenge themselves with dangerous adventures of climbing Mount Everest, and the daredevils make them fearless and make the journey unique and adventurous.

If you are an aspiring Mount Everest climber, then in the Blog, you will get a helping guide to make your climbing journey easier and more comfortable. The helping guide is from our expert Ranveer Jamwal who has climbed Mount Everest three times in his whole life.

Your expert guide to the Mount Everest- Ranveer Jamwal

Colonel Ranveer Singh Jamwal is one of the best mountaineers. He is India's first army officer who has climbed more than seven summits till now. He is known as an Ace soldier. He belonged to Jammu and Kashmir and was born on 26 December 1875.

He always had a great passion for becoming an army officer, as he took his maximum education in an army school. With the same remarkable tenacity, he started his journey as a climber to different summits and Mount Everest Summit with the passion he used as a soldier.

He first climbed Machoi near Zoji la in 2007. He is also the first Indian to climb seven summits and Mount Everest three times. He has taken rigorous training before starting this journey as a mountaineer and made it possible to achieve his dream.

Ranveer Jamwal is a true inspiration for all those looking to achieve and climb different summits. He has got 7 awards in his lifetime and even an IMF gold medal in 2017. His adventurous spirit is never-ending. He loves to explore life in the mountains.

Colonel Jamwal's ever-smiling face and pleasant demeanor infect everyone interacting with him. The best Indian mountaineer prides himself and his service. It seems as soon as he starts speaking. Life has been a constant test of grit and resolve for Jamwal. Life has been a continual test of mettle and decides for Jamwal. His achievements would be an enthusiasm for the upcoming generation.

This hiking guide to Mount Everest Summits comes from the personal experience of Colonel Ranveer Jamwal, and he had climbed Mount Everest three times in his life. Let us get started with the guide to help all the aspirant climbers to Mount Everest.

Guide to Mount Everest

Colonel Ranveer Jamwal has climbed Mount Everest at 29,035ft on 25 May 2012, 19 May 2013, and 19 May 2016. In this journey, he has been experiencing different things throughout the climbing time that will help the aspiring climbers follow and make their journey easier.

About the Mountain

Mount Everest rose at 29,031.69 above sea level. This is the highest mountain on the earth. Mount Everest is in the shape of three pyramids. Anyhow the highest peak of Mount Everest is decreasing gradually due to increasing global warming.

This is the most challenging mountain to climb as there are thousands of undiscoverable factors available in the routes and the freezing weather of Mount Everest Summit. There are more than 4-5 peaks of Mount Everest in different areas stretched to India, Nepal, and Tibet.

The summit of Everest is covered with high rocks and heavy slides of snow. There is a lack of oxygen at some points in Mount Everest; powerful winds and extreme cold make it the most challenging summit to climb.

The weather of the Mount Everest

The temperature of Mount Everest is ever-changing, and it is never stable due to the high peaks. The summit temperature never rises above freezing, which means 0 degrees Celsius or 32-F degrees.

From April to May or until June is ideal for traveling Mount Everest; the peaks are visible and apparent. It becomes pretty easy for the climbers to climb the summits during this time.

This is the prime time to climb Mount Everest from mid-June to August without any argument or problem. It becomes easy to survive during these times, and the peaks and routes can be recognized and climbed.

The weather is different because Mount Everest is located in India and other touched countries as well.

The rest of year is pretty cold and snowy in the peaks of Mount Everest and all-round the Himalayas range; if you want to see the mountains covered with snow and snowfall in mount Everest, then you can travel during January and February to Mount Everest.

Climbing skill level for Mount Everest

Climbers need to be prepared with at least two weeks of rigorous training and have completed a glaciated peak climb. They need the necessary physical fitness level and a mentally stable and determined personality to travel Mount Everest.

Routes to the Mount Everest Climbing

There are many ways and routes to Mount Everest; you can choose any route to climb Mount Everest with the support of base camps.

Everest South Col is one of the popular routes to the Mount Everest summit, and this is one of the connected and comparatively more straightforward routes to climb Mount Everest.

The northeast ridge routes- this is another popular and prime preference of the climber's route. This route is again connected to supportive base camps and is easier to climb.

Important points to remember

  • Ensure to go through rigorous training from a good base camp before climbing Mount Everest, as it is pretty tough and complicated to survive the conditions and weather.
  • Always keep the necessary gear, including Clothes, oxygen kit, sleeping bag, water bottles, medicines, and others to make it easy for you to climb Mount Everest
  • You cannot climb Mount Everest only on a physical level. Still, you will need a determined Mental status and a solid and motivated mind to climb Mount Everest.
  • You can even get attached to an academy; this will also reduce Mount Everest Summit Cost that usually takes a group of climbers to Mount Everest all together with all the help, with a base camp, and also providing training before climbing.

Final thoughts

You see the details and guidance provided to you with every keen piece on climbing and preparing yourself to climb Mount Everest. You must consider these points as they come from the person who climbed Mount Everest not once or twice but three times in his life.