The Ultimate Mountain Trekking Guide

Ranveer Jamwal

Who was the First Indian Man to Climb Mount Everest

Being an adventurous person with a zeal to explore new spots and undiscoverable things. Mountain trekking is one adventurous and exploring activity that can give you thrills down the spines.

Anyone with a necessary and reasonable health condition can easily go trekking. Different trackers do short or long treks just for fun and adventures.

Some trackers aspire to become the ultimate mountain trackers to achieve something unbelievable in their lives and for their countries to make their families proud.

The journey of Mountain trekking for a tracker starts from passion, dreams, thrills, love for adventure, and dedication towards achieving something better than ever for their countries and families.

If you aspire to be a tacker, then you must start by venturing into the mountains with an experienced tracker, you can join an adventure club, or you can even go with reputed adventure travel companies to explore what is there in the mountains, what success you can achieve and how tough and easy it is for you to achieve the heights of mountains.

This writing provides a full-fledged and ultimate guide to mountain tracks by experienced and highly inspired mountain tracker Ranveer Jamwal. Let us get started.

About the guide

Colonel Ranveer Singh Jamwal is on the top mountaineers of India, and he is one of the first Indian army officers who has climbed seven different summits after serving the nation as an army officer. He was a third-generation soldier in the Indian army. He is also known as an ace mountaineer of India.

He settled in Jammu and Kashmir; he was born on 26 December 1975. Till 2019 he has climbed seven mountain summits of different mountains in different corners of the world.

He completed his studies at an army school and lived near the mountains, always hence remaining inspired for mountain trekking.

Hence, he always admired and wanted to climb different summits in his life. After successfully serving the Indian army, he started training to climb the mountains in 2003.

Further, Ranveer Singh Jamwal provides an ultimate hiking guide to mountain tracks in this writing. The guide to tracking the mountains in different corners of the world will be written from personal experience and interest.

The Ultimate Mountain Trekking Guide For Beginners

The Mountain trekking guide is different for every individual and tracker, and you need to ensure your milestones, goals, and capabilities to do mountaineering.

  • Basic knowledge of the camp craft, direction knowledge, map testing, and first aid.
  • If you plan to go on track, you first need to be equipped and prepared with the trekking equipment; you can rent or buy this equipment from any trekking club or adventure gear manufacturers. Some important types of equipment include a small rucksack, sleeping bag, lockable duffel bag, tent, personal toiletries, water bottle, first aid kits, maps, navigator watches, and some other important related stuff. Also, extra trekking accessories will be according to the particular summit.
  • If we talk about the seasons or the best time for trekking, it differs from one mountain range to another, and you need to check with the best time according to your preference to the mountain range. In general, March to June and September to November are the best times to climb any mountain.
  • The best trekking destinations in India are Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh and Zanskar, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and Garhwal and Kumaon Sikkim and Darjeeling, The Northeast States like Arunachal Pradesh, Western ghats, and South India, including Nilgiris and Coorg.
  • Along with physical fitness, good experiences, training, and knowledge, a person must be mentally determined and prepared to climb the summits, face every challenge, and achieve the ultimate goal.
  • It will help if you stay hydrated throughout your mountain trail.
  • You must wear clothes to cover yourself well according to the seasons.
  • Continually pacing yourself on the trek.
  • Keep the timing in your mind, start the trekking early, arrive at the summit early, and return on time.
  • Stay connected with your base camp and guides to achieve the summit easily.
  • Also, keep in mind that if you have any underlying medical condition that can be harmful to you while trekking, you must take the prescribed medicines with you and take preventive measures.


The above-provided details are a general and ultimate guide to climb the mountains; you must check different writings to ensure that you go through the specific elements and tips according to that summit when you travel on a specific mountain summit to get the benefits of trekking. You must keep all these points in mind to achieve your goal successfully.